Why Should You Hire a Child Support Lawyer?

Child support is a significant issue for many parents going through divorce or separation. An Orlando Child Support attorney is a family law lawyer that specializes in these types of cases and helps clients with all aspects of their child support matters including getting or paying child support, modifying a child support order, and enforcing court-ordered visitation or timesharing arrangements. These attorneys often work with other members of the family law team to ensure that all legal issues in a divorce or separation are resolved.

In most states, the court will determine how much child support one parent must pay to the other based on a predetermined formula. This calculation will take into account both parent’s income, the number of children and their ages, as well as certain other expenses such as the cost of health insurance for the children. It is important to note that the court will not typically deviate from this guideline unless there are very compelling reasons to do so.

Having a good Child Support Attorney is essential to ensuring that you receive the amount of child support that you need and deserve. A good child support attorney will help you navigate the process of obtaining and paying child support as efficiently as possible. A good attorney will also be able to help you obtain an accurate estimate of how much child support your spouse is earning and spending, which is critical for calculating the proper amount of support to be paid.

The simplest way to find the best Child Support Attorney in Orlando is to look for an attorney that specializes in family law. This is important because a Family Law attorney will have extensive experience handling all of the different family law matters that you may face, including child support. The law firm you choose should also have a track record of success in getting their clients the results that they need, such as getting their client’s child support obligation reduced or increased.

A common argument that we hear from paying parents is that their spouse is not using the child support they are receiving properly. While we can sympathize with this concern, it is important to note that the court will not want to get involved in a battle of the wits between the parties over how each penny of their child support is spent. The only way to prove that your spouse is not spending child support as they are obligated to do is to present evidence of this to the court.

Women’s Family Law Firm offers child support services, as well as other family law issues such as alimony and property division. The firm’s attorneys have extensive experience working on child custody and support matters and can provide compassionate, dedicated service. Contact the office for a consultation to learn how they can serve your needs.